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Recording, Song producing & Mixing

Albert Chambers

Juno & Felix nominated songwriter | producer (Coral Egan)


Multi-Track Recording Facility

Award-Winning Engineer captures your sonic image and leaves you with a recording of the upmost quality.

$75| hr (engineer included) 

1000 sq. ft. live room – 20 ft. high ceilings

Midas vintage console

Separate Iso booth

Cozy inspiring Control Room

Whatever you need to capture!

Solo Vocalist 

15-piece Big Band

Over Dubbing 

Power Rock Trio

Solo Drummer 

Classical Orchestra 

Vocal Choir 

Have your session captured on video. See our video productions.


Unhappy with your existing mixes?

Send us your multi-track sessions, we’ll take it to the next sonic level, guaranteed.

$400+ Tax per song

$200+ Tax for extra corrections (ex autotune, timing changes etc)

514 281-1547

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